God the Creator

This week the children in Don Juan learned that God is our creator and King. The day started off with lots of rain and wind but that did not stop 18 children from coming to learn more about God. Club started with songs with their favorite being, “Uno, Dos, Tres, Jesús Vivo Está” and the big question, “Who is God?”

Song Time


The message this week was the Creation Story. The children enjoyed answering review questions in a game show style interactive game.


After playing a few rounds of the game the children enjoyed a snack and started making a bookmarker that opens with the days of creation inside.


Club ended with each child going home with a devotional handout with the Creation Story and an activity on the back for them to complete with their families.

He Is Risen!

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Easter Sunday was the launch of a Children’s Bible Club in Don Juan, Ecuador. To celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ we invited the children in our community to come and celebrate with us. We started the club with songs and lots of motion.


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After singing praises to our risen Savior, the children heard the Resurrection Story of Jesus. For many, including some adults who were present, this was the first time hearing that Jesus died and rose again.


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The children enjoyed a snack and playing a game incorporating the Resurrection Story.


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All the children enjoyed coloring a page that explained the days leading up to Jesus’ resurrection. They were able to take home a daily devotional booklet to help them continue learning about God. They also received an Easter goodie-bag with some candy.


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Looking forward to our next community outreach program!

The Journey Begins…

…with a simple “yes”. A yes that will test your faith. A yes that will require you to take your eyes off of yourself and to focus on the things that matter to God. What starts out as a simple “yes” can take you on a journey that far exceeds any other journey you have ever been on. It was with a yes that we decided to answer the call to go to Ecuador and share the hope of Jesus to all that would hear. In 2013, God planted this desire in our hearts and what at times feels like forever and other times feels like yesterday it is with great excitement that God is getting ready to move our now family of six to Ecuador. We thank you for visiting our website as we are just in the first phases of setting up a non-profit ministry, Hope For Ecuador, and getting ready for the big move. We hope that you will partner with us in prayer as we take steps as God leads us. God Bless! – The Pelletier Family